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Bali-Lombok sojourn. part one 10/3/2017 - 6/4/2017

Cycling within Ubud through its narrow streets, packed with exclusive shops, along side the constant flow of cars that attempt to squeeze past a cycli   Read More....

  The bars, music, and tropical fish feasts and shallow water snorkelling instantly vanished upon setting wheels on a major road from the port to   Read More....

  The basic aim of this Travel journal is to document my bicycle tour. The tour will be punctuated by spontaneous stays at places, such as stayin   Read More....

Arrival on the large island of Lombok has a distinctive rhythm. The mule drawn cart, food vendors, religious style, and music. The first section of th   Read More....

Cycling from Ubud to the port town of Padangbai The ride was mainly downward from Ubud into Gianyar. Villages merged as an indistinguishable urban spr   Read More....

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