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Bali-Lombok sojourn. 10/3/2017-6/4/2017 part two

Section two. Kuta to the surrounding beaches. The morning began after my banana pancake was served by a friendly house cook. The first stop from Kuta    Read More....

  Arriving in Kuta early evening in light rain, looking for accommodation had that nostalgia, with its trendy backpacker hostels, those drab rega   Read More....

This travel narrative is broken up with short philosophical segments. These sections are signalled as distinct from the general traveller narrative, b   Read More....

It was an easy down hill ride from Senaru through rice paddy fields, and what is the familiar Islamic architecture of the region that I happened to ch   Read More....

It was a really difficult ride through the rugged terrain. As the ride progressed into dusk, I decided to look for a place to stay which was imperativ   Read More....

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