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Travel as a form of intentional realism  

Philosophical issues.


The ontological position of intentionality is one where thought precedes language. Thought translates to language as movement of intentions. Intentions in this theory are intrinsic to being human, and the property of thoughts correlate to intentions, and therefore exist prior to spoken language.

A counter theory positions intentions, and so thought as identical to spoken language. Having a thought amounts to a speech act. Intentions necessitates language as a form of representation of mind.


So given the first philosophical position, it entails travel as mysterious. The mystery being intentions that could be realisable through forms of language games.

The interpreted thought appears to give rise to serendipitous encounters. Though is this just a sense of authenticity of intention that correlates with a form of language usage/game?

Now if travel encounters imply an interpretation of one kind language of thought, then are all in interpretations valid? That is if thought is universal, then language appears relative at least from a form of culture. S could all interpretations could be true? So if what makes any interpretation authentic to a community then the normative approach could be verifiable and so true in a relative sense.

Some other person from the community can substantiate the claim as true. Therefore a truth condition is one of reference where language is deterministic. Language determines the socially explicit form of intention even if thought is prior to the language. Under this theory language functions only through a social structure. This is where travel requires some familiarity with the language type, and style. The intuitive grasp shifts meanings according to the situational context, but it’s language that determines the meaning as true from false. This is not a universal truth condition, but only within the normative social structure and the kind of international relations issues that govern formal relations.

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