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Denpasar to Ubud. stage one  


The basic aim of this Travel journal is to document my bicycle tour. The tour will be punctuated by spontaneous stays at places, such as staying in Bud to relax and purchase paintings.


Day one. Pleasant morning ride from the airport in Denpasar to the cultural hub of Ubud. The highlights of this ride was a random survey of street art and the taste of Durian. where I happened upon a Durian seller.

As I climbed out of the city there appeared picturesque moments, such as rice farming and statues of local and national significance appearing at the periphery of Ubud.


Rest stop near Ubud

On the edge of Ubud.


Durian stall within Denpasar


Street art. Titled: all my dreams. Location: S 08 42.450.  E115 10.887


 Shop front within Ubud.


Street art on the corner of a store within Ubud.


Staying at  a guesthouse location. S 08 30.737'  E 115 16.056'

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