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Around Ubud. stage two  

Cycling within Ubud through its narrow streets, packed with exclusive shops, along side the constant flow of cars that attempt to squeeze past a cyclist has its challenges. Though cycle travel is optimal to avoid touts, and slow enough to spot interesting street artworks, and galleries of contemporary art. There are street vendors, like the tiny one that purports all kinds of rejuvenating medicinal brews that prevent all kinds of terminal illnesses. The vendors crush the ingredients on the spot and then its consumed as either a hot or cold drink. The other advantage of cycle travel is it was easy to park and then move on into the slip stream of traffic.


I also enjoyed the slow meandering climb Gunung Batur. Its a volcano that towers Ubud, and the journey has many a picturesque views. Hindu temples appeared on the edge of Ubud where religious processions take place. Terraces with small huts nestled into groves of coconut palms gave a succinctly tropical ambiance as a late afternoon down pour forced traffic to take a pause, and on my part, have chance to listen to distant thundering from higher altitude.


Also there were many off roads that plunged into the valley, and if taken for a joy ride I had to endure a steep climb back to the main road that skirts the ridge.

However it was the traditional mask artisans’ of Bali that gave a sense of a what the arts were like before the tourist boom. It suggests a playful spirit. Though masks have a deeper message relating to connection with a sense of place, and the sorts of persons and reasons that construct place, and so new masks are produced to reflect contemporary trends of consumption and globalization.


Classical and contemporary sculpture on the edge of Ubud

A view from a prominent  vantage point frequented mainly by tour groups.

The Balinese style of Hindu ritual appears distinct from those I encountered on my travels' through the Indian sub continent.

Wood carver who carves a variety of religious icons.

A painting outside a shop away from central Ubud tourist presinct.

Many a stone sculpture has become the foundation for fungi. The Buddhist notion of constant change appears the case within the apparent permanence of stone.

Cafe with depiction of globalizing trends of travel

A sculpture in central Ubud

One of the more contemporary art galleries in central Ubud. I ended up spending hours with the Aritst working on a painting inspired by the traditional drink Arak.

Fountain scene

The valley below

Hand carved wooden masks resemble intrinsic human traits like joy or sadness, anger or fear.

Ikat design from Flores.

Tree roots are used to carve as well as the trunk.

I just read the first of your stories and I saw the pictures. I liked it and I hope to read more in the next days. Love.
Post by: Tante Corrie
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