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Ubud to Padangbai. Stage three  

Cycling from Ubud to the port town of Padangbai

The ride was mainly downward from Ubud into Gianyar. Villages merged as an indistinguishable urban sprawl which abated somewhat at Semarapura where there was a Balinese Hindu temple and roads leading to rice fields. I decided to rest at a shop near the temple precinct where the shop owner indicted a sarongs can be hired to enter the compound. I decided to have a look round the complex. It had a distinct feel to that of the Indian Hindu Temples.

The ride to the beach had distinctly more tropical rainforest sense, and as I approached the coast some thunder storm seemed to be approach. A series of ramshackle stalls set up on the beach that had poles spaced at about 50 M apart used by fishers’ to place their fishing rods once they are caste. On the other side of the road I noticed another Hindu temple. This temple was distinct in that alters are within the opening of the caves where multitudes of bates congregate in their hanging potion. The air had a thick sense of bat like odour giving a dynamic reminder of a point of worship. The interspecies communication in this place could not be ignored even by all the human architectural grandeur. It was as if the primordial transcended the temporally constructed human artifice that surrounded the seemingly timeless non human hive of activity.

As I rode off from the temple it was a step climb from the beach through jungle that had an abrupt turn for a pleasant decent to the port town where I was lucky to catch the returning ferry for Lombok. The ferry arrived at Lombok around 6pm where it struck me I moved from a Hindu island to an Islamic Island as upon arrival there was the sight of worshippers performing prostrations at the temple along with the audible prays being amplified from the local mosque.


Entrance to a building within temple complex

Temple at Semarapura

Entrance to the bat cave


Bats attached to roof surface and in fight.

There are a plethora of temples that surround the cave.

Fixed poles dot the beach for fishers' to place their rod and reel.

Lembar harbour, Lombok.

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