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Kuta Lombok hinterland. Stage eight  

Section two. Kuta to the surrounding beaches.

The morning began after my banana pancake was served by a friendly house cook. The first stop from Kuta was at the Tomato cafe run by a hotel resort chief who claimed to be starting out his business on the edge of town. His ability to source fresh foods places his cuisine in a class of its own. Really great salad. After much detailed discussion, I rode off towards the surfing beaches. Even after thigh burning hill climbs, there were those spectacular views of the surrounding coastal hinterland, and then there was Mawan and Selong beach. The former was the domain of the more experienced surfers, whilst the latter had a plethora of boats anchored off shore so as to take advantage of calmer waters. Tourists’ of all types tended to congregate at this beach in droves, given its small surf condition were ideal for novice surf enthusiasts. It was easy to absorb this vibe for an hour watching paddlers fall off surf boards, treats to eat, and lay about under a parasol, however it was the motor cycle ice cream vendors annoying repetitive three note whistle that finally moved me from this scene. He then turned up all over the place, stopping then overtaking, then passing the other way, which seemed to go on for ever then proceeded to mingle with some locals over non ice cream related matters, at the base of a series of hills when I stopped to prepare the ascent. I checked out what was in the box. How much, that one? 25000! What they are only 10000 in the shop. Maybe I should support his little business, so he could buy the shop, and then charge 10000, but what the hex, I had all this condensed milk weighing me down that I brought for a quick energy boast. So I took that instead.

I then took a brief detour into a hundred meter narrow goat trail on the edge of this amazing ravine overlooking rocky outcrops. What got me in was this sign with a bat emblem and some blurb about a fortune teller a bat cave, astrology etcetera. However no one responded when I arrived, though there was a cacophony of chirping sounds around the cottage. It was strange to say the least, not to mention a bit creepy, as the sign reads ‘welcome to your true nightmare’ outside the cottage. Client management, I guess. Only genuine enquiries, please. So, I took a photo just for validation, and trudged back up the goat trail.

Tomato cafe

Great salad


Lots of rocks being pulverised along this strech of road

Astologers' abode

Mawi beach with fishers' village

 Surf at Mawi

Life at the small surf beach of Selong


House construction in a small village near Kuta

At some hill top restaurant

Veiw from there of beach

Grass being prepared for various purposes in relation to the construction of buildings.

Buildings in decay but also with a hint of street art.

Road side memorials between regrowth appear all over the place.

Cycled along with herder for a bit

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